An intent is a the user’s intention. If the user types in “what is the weather for bangkok”, the intent will fetch the weather for Bangkok and return it back to the user.

Each intent is within a Skill and a skill can have many intents. For example you may want to have a collection of small games and you could put them in a skill called Games and share that skill with its intents and entities online.

Building a Simple Intent

Firstly edit your app/Config/config.js file and in the config.skills array add in “App.HelloWorld”.

config.skills = [

Go to your /app/Skill/ directory and create a directory called “HelloWorld”.

Create a skill file /app/Skill/HelloWorld/hello_world_skill.js

const Skill = require('../../../src/Skill/skill');

module.exports = class HelloWorldSkill extends Skill {

Then create a directory, /app/Skill/HelloWorld/Intent/

In this directory create a new file called hello_world_intent.js and enter the following…

const Intent = require('../../../../src/Intent/intent');

module.exports = class HelloWorldIntent extends Intent {

  setup() {
    this.train('hello world');

  response(request) {
    return 'Hello!';


With these basics you can now learn more about training, entities, attachments and more.