Fallback intents are triggered when user input is not matched by any other intents already trained with GI.

For a more genuine assistant and less annoying one fall backs can be used to give the user direction to using the assistant.

GI has some system fallbacks you can use, make sure they are enabled in your config.js file.

config.skills = [

These system fallbacks can be turned off and you could enhance them with your own skill to return random replies.

Example of the system why intent.

module.exports = class WhyIntent extends Intent {

  setup() {
    this.train(['why'], {
      collection: 'fallback'

  response() {
    return 'Everyone asks why';

how so?
How does anything happen?
what are you
Not sure, Google might know
when is my birthday
I am not sure when
where are my keys
Could be anywhere. I have no idea
who ate my cake
No idea who!
why do rainbows exist?
Everyone asks why